Youth Pastor

Rev. Julius Hood 

Julius J. Hood has been serving the Lord since the age of 21. He was called to preach the Gospel on July 3, 2005. The Holy Spirit spoke to him and said, “Rise up and I will rise with you.” He responded to the call and has since been committed to spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Julius was ordained in February 2012 where he has served as part of the ministerial staff of the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. Pastor Julius is a committed young man, who is anointed to minister the gospel of Christ to people of all ages.

Pastor Julius is not only a preacher but also a singer. He is part of a family legacy of preaching and singing the Gospel. He is part of a gospel singing group called Legacy. His desire is continuing the work that was passed down to him from his grandfather, Rev. Richard Bullock Sr.

He was appointed as Youth Pastor in October 2017 and along with wife Lurena has diligently worked side by side.  He studied at the Christian Institute for Learning and is passionate about studying the Word of God.  His model for youth ministry embodies a holistic approach, that minister not only to the spiritual, but the social and emotional as well.