Our Youth Leaders


Evangelist Carolyn Waters
Overseer of Youth Ministries

Evangelist Carolyn Waters was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. She has been a member of the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church (MCBC) for over 50 years. Her call to preach the gospel came in August of 2001. She received her minister’s license in May of 2005 and was ordained in November 2007 from the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church where she has served faithfully as part of the ministerial staff.

Evangelist Waters studied at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary where she received a Master in Urban Ministry degree in 2006 and a Master in Pastoral Counseling degree in 2020. She has worked in the social services for over 30 years. In her work she is able to apply her ministerial, educational and life experiences to offer support and guidance to youth and families.

She comes from a family rich in love and faith. She attributes her strengths as a parent and leader to her upbringing. At a young age, she had a desire to share those values with other children. That desire compelled her to become a foster parent. She has been a foster parent for over 30 years and has fostered over 100 children.

Evangelist Waters says, “It gives her great joy to see youth and families worship together. You cannot have a successful youth ministry without involving the family. Children are not an island, but are connected to a family”. It is her hope as the overseer of youth ministries, that she can be instrumental in leading families to Christ. Although today’s youth are faced with many challenges, Waters remains hopeful that with the support of strong, compassionate leaders and mentors, they will prevail triumphantly.



Julius and Lurena Hood
Youth Pastors

Julius J. Hood has been serving the Lord since the age of 21. He was called to preach the Gospel on July 3, 2005. The Holy Spirit spoke to him and said, “Rise up and I will rise with you.” He responded to the call and has since been committed to spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Julius was ordained in February 2012 where he has served as part of the ministerial staff of the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. Pastor Julius is a committed young man, who is anointed to minister the gospel of Christ to people of all ages.

Pastor Julius is not only a preacher but also a singer. He is part of a family legacy of preaching and singing the Gospel. He is part of a gospel singing group called Legacy. His desire is continuing the work that was passed down to him from his grandfather, Rev. Richard Bullock Sr.

He was appointed as Youth Pastor of the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in October 2017. Pastor Hood and his wife, Lurena Hood, are committed to serving the youth and families in their church and community. They have been married for 16 years and have three children, Laila, Mason, and Myles, who work alongside them in ministry. During the early years of their ministry, Pastors Julius and Lurena worked together at The May Institute for Neuro/Rehabilitation, a residential home for youth suffering from traumatic brain injuries. They shared a mutual passion for working with youth which attributed to their work at the May Institute as the training and foundation for future ministry.

Pastor Julius studied at Christian Institute for Learning. He is passionate about studying the word of God. Lurena attended Boston College where she received a Master in Social Work degree. They both agree that their life experiences, education, and career play an essential role in their ministry. They believe that youth ministry should not just be with the youth, but should also include families of the youth. Their model for youth ministry embodies a holistic approach that minister to not only the spiritual, but the social and emotional as well.