YGC Youth Group

Rev. Carolyn Waters, Director
Email: cwaters@mcbcboston.org

The Youth Guidance Council (YGC) was established in 2005 by the MCBC Youth Leaders. The focus age at that time was 13-18 year olds. The YGC is now the overseers of various youth ministries in Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. The target age groups are now 7-21 years old due to the current youth needs in Mt. Calvary Baptist Church.


Carolyn Waters, Director
Julius Hood, Youth Minister
David Brown, Youth Minister
Lurena Hood, Program/Activity Coordinator
Markia Laboy, Program/Activity Coordinator

Julius Hood, Lurena Hood and Markia Nelson are former Youth Development Students who are now serving in the capacity as youth leaders/ministers. YGC have quarterly staff meetings to address the current needs of the ministry.
The Mission of the Youth Guidance Council is to meet the social and emotional needs of the youth at MCBC by encouraging them to strive for spiritual excellence.

This is done by connecting them to various youth ministries within the church as well as community resources for their social, emotional and spiritual growth and development.

Monday Night Youth Group is a venue that allows youth ages 13 & up to gather in a relaxed, social setting with their peers to discuss currents events, topics and issues directly related to their peer group. During this gathering youth are encouraged to participate in open discussions where they are given biblical references to empower them and stimulate spiritual growth.

The current population in attendance is approximately 10-15 youth ranging from 15-21 years old. The age and number of students in attendance varies throughout the year. The summer is when we see peek attendance in this program. During the winter months attendance is low. This is due to youth class and work schedules.

YGC also works in close collaboration with Children’s Church and Sunday School.

Youth Activities
YGC hosts Friday Night Basketball at Boston Latin Academy gym every Friday evening during school months. Youth are given a scripture based word of encouragement from Bro. Julius or Bro. David prior to beginning each ball session.

Annual Events/Services
MCBC Youth Revival (3rd week in July)
Sunday School Outing (July)
Youth Retreat (3rd week in August)
Youth Month ((June)
Children’s Day (2nd Sunday in June)