Children’s Church, Nursery, and Sunday School

About Children’s Church

We host a Sunday service for children ages 4-12 following the same format of our regular service while teaching them the word of God in a fun and interactive way. The word of God is being taught and demonstrated to them using skits and various activities promoting joy and love of worship.

The children carry out every aspect of the service as junior deacons, missionaries and deaconess under the guidance of the children’s church staff. Additionally we encourage the children to share their gifts given by God through playing musical instruments, singing songs, and sharing poems and words of encouragement to each other.

Our Children’s Church Staff



Letitia Bullock and Leah Daniel, Nursery Directors

Letitia Bullock and Leah Daniel, Nursery Directors


About Nursery

The mission of the M.C.B.C. Nursery is to help cultivate the children’s emotional, social, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills through incorporating faith-based activities tailored to their growth and development. The age group is infant to 3 years old.






Minister Pauline Nelson, Sunday School Superintendent

“It Will Last” by Minister Pauline Nelson

Pretty red cotton dress, yarn bows in my hair
Double breasted Sunday coat that I loved to wear
White cable knit knee socks, shiny black patent leather shoes
All dressed up for Sunday school

Giggling with my cousin, getting the teacher upset
You better stop that laughing Pauline, Sister Washington would threat
Jonah and the big fish, the three Hebrew boys and Noah’s ark just to name a few
These stories stayed with me as I grew

Instilled in me as a child, God’s word stayed in my heart
When I became an adult, I did not depart
Listening, learning, holding fast
Sunday school……it will last