Mission Outreach Board (M.O.B.)

Mission Outreach Board

In April 2016 the Pastor established a  committee to develop his vision to reach out to the unchurched. We have always had in-house Deaconess and Missionary Boards but needed to expand the mission outwardly. The Mission Outreach Board is what was established.


We are committed to serving the needs of people within and outside of the church and to connect with other agencies, organizations and ministries that will best support our goals.

President: Lillian Harrison – lharrison@mcbcboston.org

Assistant President: Brenda Bullock – bbullock@mcbcboston.org


Homeless Ministry – Director – Lawrence Brown – lbrown@mcbcboston.org

Resource Ministry – Director – Lurena Hood – lhood@mcbcboston.org

Visitation Ministry – Director – Cequesta Barton – cbarton@mcbcboston.org

Prayer Ministry – Director – Kim Brown – kbrown@mcbcboston.org

Youth Guidance Council – Director – Carolyn Waters – cwaters@mcbcboston.org

Women’s Ministry – Director – Fayette Long – flong@mcbcboston.org

Men’s Ministry – Director – Richard Bullock Jr. – rbullockjr@mcbcboston.org