Assistant Pastor

Rev. Richard Bullock Sr.

RichardSeniorRev. Richard Bullock Sr., the brother of George Bullock Sr., our pastor, was called to the ministry in 1955 to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and has been doing just that ever since. A meek and humble man, he and his wife Willia have been married since 1953 and have 14 children and are grandparents to some 34 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

With such a portfolio of spiritual growth and experiences, Richard is a humble man and continues to strive to advance himself in the Word. His quest has led him to study at the Park Street Church many years ago. He currently participates, along with the church members, in our weekly bible study class focused on practical Christian living at the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church.

His work career has led him to the Avon High School in Massachusetts where he taught woodworking shop for 14 years – after which, he established his own carpentry business under the name of Richard’s Carpentry Plus. He now works along with his grandson, Jonathan (Jody) Bullock, who started his own business after working as an apprentice for him.

He not only serves as Asst. Pastor of Mt. Calvary, but he is also an original member of the legendary Bullock Brothers Ministry and has been for 63 years. If you ask him today about his desire, he won’t hesitate to say “I am still reaching for the higher calling in Christ Jesus, to the prize that is set before me.”